The Themes and Goals of the Event

Photo: Antti Varonen

Taitaja2019 Joensuu event will engage and pay special attention to the core themes of the competition: entrepreneurship, sustainable development, occupational health and safety and occupational well-being. The coordinating organisation Skills Finland ry. has identified these core themes for Taitaja competition. The best competition skill category in terms of the sustainable development will be awarded.

The especial goals and development missions of the Taitaja2019 Joensuu event are:

  • Promoting vocational education and developing new function models as a part of arranging and implementing the competition.
  • Getting new connections to entrepreneurs and companies in regions and in whole Finland
  • Taking the competition tasks and the evaluation criteria as a part of teaching at lessons (to link them to the real work tasks of the working life), making the event arrangements and helping as a part of studies in vocational upper secondary education so widely as possible.
  • Arranging a cost-effective, high-quality and impacting Taitaja event, which benefits the whole region.