404 Painting and Decorating


  • Riina Asikainen, Turun Ammattiopistosäätiö
  • Essi Keski-Korhonen, Seinäjoen koulutuskuntayhtymä
  • Jennifer Norrvik,
    Svenska Österbottens förbund för utbildning och kultur
  • Vilma Rapakko, Rovaniemen koulutuskuntayhtymä REDU
  • Milla Saarinen, Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä Gradia
  • Fanny Sjöblom, Pohjois Karjalan koulutuskuntayhtymä Riveria
  • Almareeta Tuononen, Rovaniemen koulutuskuntayhtymä REDU
  • Vilma Unga, Kemi-Tornionlaakson koulutuskuntayhtymä Lappia

International competitor

  • Mathilde Mortier (France)

Competition task structure and central task module components

The competitor carries out the tasks according to the written work specifications and engineering drawings. The competitor must be able to adapt to changes, which are made to the plans, for example, if a customer ex-presses his/her wishes regarding colours or materials. In assessment of the professional competence level, the focus will be in  fast working, precision of the edging, tidyness of the worksite, quality of the surfaces, complying with work safety, professional working and observing sustainable development during the competition.

Taping and smoothing of a wall surface
Taping and puttying throughout of a plaster board and corners, with the puttying spatula and puttying material, which can be rolled.

Painting with the brush
Painting with the brush with limitations.

Wallpapering with the wallpaper requiring precise pattern matching
Wallpapering of the wall and corners, cutting and other work phases according to RATU 73-0310 and work speci-fications of the competition day.

Wood surface treatment
Wood surface treatment with limitations.

Treatment of wooden cladding
Treatments according to treatment combinations.

Tikkurila’s task
Tasks are done by the cooperation partner Tikkurila. Problem solving, knowledge of his/her profession and precisi-on in working will be assessed in this task.



Main assessment criteria and description of the assessment process

  • Taping and smoothing of a wall surface, 21 p
    adhesion of the tape, sharpness of corners and flatness of puttying
  • Painting with the brush, 24 p
    the uniform gloss, consistent tone and precision of the borders
  • Wallpapering with the wallpaper which requires precise pattern matching, 23 p
    wallpaper straightness, pattern-matching and tidyness
  • Wood surface treatment, 10 p
    consistent and uniform colour throughout
  • Treatment of wooden cladding, 10 p
    pretreatment of underlay, surface flatness and uniform quality, and professional working
  • Task by Tikkurila 10 p
    problem solving skills, time management, quality management, work phase planning, skills to adapt to changes.
  • Work safety, tidyness and sustainable development are included in the assessment.


Materials, equipment and work phases used and the competition area

  • Painting materials and work clothes are provided by Tikkurila Oyj.
  • Wallpapers are provided by Väritukku Oy.
  • Work equipment and tools are provided by CeLindgren Oy.
  • The competitor organizer also provides the trestles to the competition site.


What the competitor brings to the competition venue

The competitor brings to the competition venue

  • a laser / spirit level
  • a helmet, protective goggles, safety shoes, gloves, protective breathing equipment and other personal protective equipment


A sample task and assessment as a whole

The task and assessment are based on previous Taitaja tasks. The task 2019 can be changed for the competition max. 30%. The previous tasks can be found here.



  • main judge Tarmo Hämäläinen, Tikkurila Oyj
  • Aki Aaltonen, Tikkurila oyj
  • Katja Jaatinen, Gradia
  • Jyrki Maunonen, Gradia
  • Noora Jormanainen, Riveria
  • Marja Viitaniemi, Taos
  • Mari Lappalainen, Yrityselämä

Taitaja Competition enables the develompent of competence and competence demonstration for the competitors. The judges of the skill categories will give feedback to the competitors during the competition and they will also evaluate the competition tasks. The presentations and ideas created during the competition are in the public domain and can be used by an individual or an enterprise. The presentations and ideas can be used as they are or further developed. The Taitaja2019 event is mainly publicly funded from the semifinals to the finals. The materials produced during the event are openly availabe without any usage fees.