405 Plumbing and Heating


  • Anton Hattar, Optima samkommun
  • Mikko Heikura, Pohjois-Karjalan koulutuskuntayhtymä Riveria
  • Saku Hurtig, Kemi-Tornionlaakson koulutuskuntayhtymä Lappia
  • Eetu Oksanen, Jyväskylän koulutuskuntayhtymä Gradia
  • Juhana Pitkälä, Oulun seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä
  • Lari Saarela, Turun kaupunki
  • Risto Saastamoinen, Ylä-Savon koulutuskuntayhtymä
  • Jan Sjöblom, Optima samkommun

International competitors

  • Chintan Deepak Daiya (India)
  • Himanshu Vohra (India)

Competition task structure and central task module components

The competition task is to switch a district heating substation, install a heating and water supply system with the necessary equipment, and drains with mounts, according to the drawings.

The water pipes are installed using a composite pipe and a chrome-plated copper pipe. Connections are made with compression and threaded fittings, turns by bending and using compression and threaded fittings.

The heating pipes are installed using a zinc-plated thin-wall steel pipe and a black threadable pipe. Turns are made by bending and using compression and threaded fittings.

The drains are installed using a DB drainage pipe.

There is also a theory task regarding material calculation and work timing and pricing.

Module 1. Installation of heating system
Competition time for the task 7 h

The task is to install and switch the heating pipe system, pipe equipment and heat emitters to a district heating exchanger, in a way instructed in the drawing. The pipe material is Geberit mapress carbon steel system pipe with zinc-plated outer surface. The type of the heat exchanger is G-POWER-2/100 (from Gebwell Ltd). The heat exchanger has been ready installed to the wall. The pipe used in primary switching is a threadable DN20 steel pipe.

Module 2. Installation of water supply system
Competition time for the task 8 h

The task is to install the water furniture and water pipes, according to the drawings. The water pipe material is a Geberit multi-layered pipe, pex and chrome-plated copper. WC furniture is Bau ceramic, Rapid SL with a wall-stand (Grohe). The shower mixer is Grohterm Nordic New Tempesta 100 with a shower holder set. The basin mixer is a Start faucet (Grohe). The washbasin is a wall-mounted Bau Ceramic 55 Rapid SL.

Module 3. Installation of drain and a theory task
Competition time for the task 3 h 45 min

The task is to install a drain system, according to the drawing, and perform a theory task, regarding the contract price.


Main assessment criteria

  • measurement accuracy, overview, tidiness, accordance with drawings
  • mounts, bends, vertical and horizontal straightness
  • leakproofness of junctions (pressure test)
  • work safety, waste sorting, sustainable development


Description of the assessment process

The same judges assess the same measuring points in order to perform the assessment as fairly as possible and using the same criteria. Matters related to the assessment are communicated to the competitor in the morning briefings on each competition day. The assessment should follow the practices of good installation methods. Thu judges should also help the competitors in all matters related to the competition task. The main judge has the final authority in unclear cases in the competition situation.


Materials, equipment and work phases used and the competition area

  • a district heating substation
  • pipes, mounts, pipe components, fittings, brackets, couplings and compression parts
  • wall-mounted water and drain fixtures
  • radiators
  • compression tools


What the competitor brings to the competition venue

Common hand tools of a plumber, for example:

  • a work desk with a pipe bender and screw twisters
  • a work stand
  • pipe cutter for composite pipe and thin-wall steel pipe and pex, copper pipe and threadable steel pipe
  • thread tools for a DN20 steel pipe
  • a hacksaw and a crosscut saw for cutting the drainage pipes
  • pipe benders for composite pipes 16 mm and 20 mm.
  • pipe benders for thin-wall steel pipe 12mm and 15mm
  • a pipe bender for chrome-plated cu-pipe 12 mm
  • a battery-powered drill with screwdriver bits
  • monkey wrenches 2 pieces
  • slip-joint pliers, a pipe wrench
  • a spirit level, a tape measure, a try square, callipers
  • marking equipment
  • hemp, putty, tape, lubricant and normal plumber’s tools
  • work outfit, safety vest, safety helmet, safety boots, gloves, safety glasses


Sample task and assessment as a whole

You can load a preliminary task here (pdf).

Previous final tasks and assessment can be examined
at the Skills Finland website.



  • main judge, Jari Niinimäki, KSAO
    (Kouvolan seudun ammattiopisto)
  • Veli-Matti Poutanen, LVI-Asennus VelPo Oy
  • Tommi Mäntylä, Tredu
  • Jyrki Happonen, Amiedu
  • Tapio Montonen, Gradia
  • Taisto Häkkinen, Lämpökarelia (retired)
  • Markus Kaihua, Redu

Taitaja Competition enables the develompent of competence and competence demonstration for the competitors. The judges of the skill categories will give feedback to the competitors during the competition and they will also evaluate the competition tasks. The presentations and ideas created during the competition are in the public domain and can be used by an individual or an enterprise. The presentations and ideas can be used as they are or further developed. The Taitaja2019 event is mainly publicly funded from the semifinals to the finals. The materials produced during the event are openly availabe without any usage fees.