410 Landscape Gardening


  • Veera Göös,
    Oulun seudun ammattiopisto
  • Roosa Helenius,
    Keski-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä Keuda
  • Hermanni Huuskonen,
    Savon ammattiopisto
  • Wilhelmiina Saarijärvi,
    Vammalan ammattikoulu
  • Veikko Tahvanainen,
    Pohjois-Karjalan koulutuskuntayhtymä Riveria

International competitor

  • Jonas Müller (Belgium)

Competition task structure and central task module components

A real and permanent trampoline park will be implemented during the competition in the skill category of Landscape Gardening. In the future the trampoline park serves as a neighbourhood sports area and is a part of Mehtimäki sport park. The trampoline park will be implemented in cooperation with the City of Joensuu. The competition task is to install 6 in-ground trampolines in a circle and an instructor platform in the middle of the trampolines. As a result, instructed trampoline exercise sessions can be arranged in the park. In addition, the competitors implement plantation area.


Task duration and allotted time

The competition task consists of two fields, which are divided in three modules (1.day, 2. day and 3. day).

The total time for the competition is 20 hours.


Main assessment criteria

The main assessment criteria for the tasks are technical work performing, accuracy of measurement, cooperation skills and a visual appearance.

To carry out the competition task, the competitor should have measurement accuracy skills, aesthetic and visual understanding, skills of installing different surface materials, stone processing skills and planting skills. In addition, good cooperation skills are necessary in building the one shared object.


Materials, equipment and work phases used and the competition area

Natural stone materials, such as granite tiles, curb stones and granite sett stones are used in the competition task. In addition, concrete pavement, an in-grounded trampoline, and a safety tile area around the trampoline will be installed during the competition task. In the plantation section the competitors will plant trees and bushes and use different mulch materials. A bordering element of iron will be installed between.

The stones are cut and shaped with the stone circular saw and with hand tools.

The competition area is located outside and is equipped with tent roofing (size 20×20 m). The plantation area is not equipped with roofing.

The cooperative partners of the skill category are for example Joensuun kaupunki, Sulokivi Oy, Puutarhatahvoset Oy, Lakan Betoni Oy and Vatupassi machinery hire.


What the competitor brings to the competition venue

The competitor brings along the personal tools, work clothes and personal protection equipment.


Sample tasks

Previous final tasks can be examined at the Skills Finland website.



  • main judge Renne Sänisalmi, Kajaanin ammattiopisto
  • Paula Lamminsalo, Joensuun kaupunki
  • Paula Hurme, HAMK
  • Jukka Kantola, Ammattiopisto Livia
  • x, Sulokivi Oy

Taitaja Competition enables the develompent of competence and competence demonstration for the competitors. The judges of the skill categories will give feedback to the competitors during the competition and they will also evaluate the competition tasks. The presentations and ideas created during the competition are in the public domain and can be used by an individual or an enterprise. The presentations and ideas can be used as they are or further developed. The Taitaja2019 event is mainly publicly funded from the semifinals to the finals. The materials produced during the event are openly availabe without any usage fees.